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Polokwane Solar Solutions

Polokwane Solar Solutions

Polokwane Solar Solutions

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Polokwane Solar Solutions

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WhatsApp: 082 774 0420

Save up to


On your electric bills with our off-grid solutions.

Gear Up for Loadshedding

Don’t allow everything to come to a halt – keep your essentials running during loadshedding.

Solar Installations

Our certified solar installers do solar installations all over South Africa

We Deliver & Install Nation Wide

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Solar Reseller Accounts

Get Discount Everyday

*Offer Subject to Approvals

Bundles & Kits

Solar kits & bundles are easier to pick out, plus you get better savings by buying everything together.

Super Deals

Super Deals

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With a reseller account


Is Your Turn

Approved reseller accounts receive improved pricing.

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