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5.12KWh Volta Stage 1 Lithium Battery 100Ah 51.2V
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5.12KWh Volta Stage 1 Lithium Battery 100Ah 51.2V

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51.2V 100Ah Volta 5.12 kWh  A-Grade Lithium Battery
Design Life: 6000+ Cycles @80% Depth of Discharge (25°C)

  • Long service life of >8 years
  • Modular design, small size, and lightweight
  • One key switch machine for more convenient operation
  • Suitable for long-term charge and discharge cycles
  • Up to 8x units parallel connection capability
  • Supports high-current charging and discharging
  • Front operation and front wiring for convenient installation and maintenance
  • Reliable, high-performance processor from international brand devices
  • Multiple communication interfaces: RS485, RS232, CAN
  • Highly compatible BMS
  • Safety certification: CE, ROHS, etc.


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Out of stock

Volta Stage 1 | 5.12kWh Lithium Battery

This LiFePO4 battery can either stand on it’s own two feet or be used as a wall-mounted Lithium battery. It achieves long cycle life by using high-quality lithium iron phosphate cells, the cycle life is more than 6000 times at 80%DOD, and can be used for 10-15 years. The Volta 5.12kwh lithium battery uses high quality prismatic lithium iron phosphate battery – higher capacity, higher current, longer life. Low internal resistance of the battery, excellent continuous high current discharge performance. The Volta Lithium battery has a built-in intelligent BMS (battery management system), effectively avoiding overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent, short-circuit, balance and other problems

Communicating with multiple inverter brands at the same time
Volta Stage 1 battery BMS supports simultaneous communication- and docking with multiple inverter brands.

Volta Stage 1 5.12kwh Lithium Battery Specsheet

Volta Stage 1, 2 & 3 Brochure

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 570 × 410 × 160 mm
Battery Type


Battery Energy Storage


Battery Rated Voltage


Voltage Working Range


Battery Rated Capacity


Battery Design Life

>6000 Cycles @80%DoD

Ingress Protection



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